Civil Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is used by building environmental designers to calculate the temperature distribution, velocity, building surface wind pressure and other fluid properties through a 3-D domain.

SimuTek can perform internal and external Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses to check air pressure, velocity and temperature (internal) distribution inside the building areas.

We help architects, civil engineers and HVAC project managers with detailed understanding of the issues related to heating and ventilation of building by heating analysis and ventilation analysis. We also possess expertise in air conditioning analysis; and using CFD analysis we can predict the temperature, relative humidity (RH), smoke distribution, and air flow profile to understand flow behavior inside the buildings.


CFD simulation analysis:urban wind environment analysis, building outdoor wind environment analysis, building surface wind pressure analysis, indoor natural ventilation analysis, airflow optimization analysis of large-space air-conditioning system, and indoor comfort analysis

Airflow and air quality is an important aspect of human comfort. Moving air helps people feel cooler, and natural ventilation is a key strategy for passive cooling.  Also, circulating fresh air within a space prevents air from getting stale. In building design, you’ll want to consider both external and internal airflows.