About Us

 Simutek is a computer aided design and engineering company that provides  FEA and CFD analysis consulting services to its customers over a range of engineering fields such as Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and White goods companies. Simutek is selling engineering simulation software used to predict how product designs will behave and how manufacturing processes will operate in real-world environments. 

Our engineering teams have extensive experience in FEA and CFD solutions. Sales and support team will help provide highly featured software for your engineering business.

As an engineering company, we dedicate to provide an expert service to our clients and providing the most cost effective solution, decrease time-to-market, and improve product quality. We offer not only the reliable analysis result, but also the insight solution on client's project.  

Our in-house Rapid Prototyping facilities provide physical prototype objects quickly and inexpensively. Prototyping process is closely integrated within our design development process. 

Our is based in in Istanbul and second office in Bursa.